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Skip all this and tell me a little about ham radio - just the basics, please!

Amateur (ham) radio is a medium by which people can communicate on specific frequency ranges designated by the FCC for personal, hobby, educational / training, or emergency purposes. While the Ratzlaff family uses ham radio for some or all these purposes at various times, our primary use of ham radio is for emergency communications in the interest of family preparedness and their associated training. We have five licensed ham radio operators in our family at DN40dh (ITU Region 2, CQ Zone 3, ITU Zone 6, Call Sign Area 7, DXCC Entity 291, GPS 40.297161, -111.6950295):
Noji Ratzlaff (KNØJI) Lisa Ratzlaff (KR5LYS) Ricky Ratzlaff (KDØWRV) Eric Ratzlaff (KG7EKY) Jake Elliott (KG7JZP)
For those who would like to get into ham radio, or who just want to know something about it, we've put together a few resources to help you.

Helpful ham pages

Quick Links
What radio and antenna you should get first
Join the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club (Facebook group)
Ham radio best practices (etiquette)
How to apply for a vanity call sign
Upcoming contests
What to do in an emergency
Quick Ham Study and Licensing Links
Recommended Study Method
Sign up for an Orem City ham radio course
Utah exam sessions
Ham radio course slide show PPTs

Other ham stuff

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